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My Sports Page

My favorite sport is probably football... but I also like baseball, track, boxing, hockey, and other ones. I play football at my school and I play(ed) tailback and cornerback. I play baseball during the summer and play catcher in baseball. I used to do track but I haven't done it for awhile so I don't really remember what i did :)

My favorite football player is Barry Sanders... I like him because of course he is a great running back... but also he has one of the best attitudes in all of the NFL. I like the way he hasn't gotten a big head even though he is the best running back right now

I also like Dan Marino and I got to see one of their games against the colts this year

Another one of my favorite football players is Reggie White

My favorite baseball team is the St. Louis Cardinals

One of my favorite baseball players is Mike Piazza

I don't really like basketball that much but I really like Larry Bird... I think that he was the best thing that could ever happen to basketball.. now basketball is filled with a bunks of jerks who don't truely love the game like Larry did. He was probably the hardest worker any sport has ever seen before.