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Guitar/Bass Links
Musicians Friend's Webpage-Subscribe for the free catalog here
Harmony Central Guitar and Bass Tablature-Even though it's closing you can still find old tabs here
Guitar World.Com-Guitar World Homepage
Jeremy's Guitar Resource-Some useful guitar links and resources here
Guitar Magazine Online-Self explanatory
Mark's Grooovin Guitar Tablature Page-TONS of great tablature
Guitar Notes - links, lessons, licks, and more!
Welcome to Ozzy Osbourne Guitar Tablature-Lots of Ozzy tabs here
Guitar Theory Resources-This is a great guitar site! Check it out!
Leper's Effects Schematics-Another great guitar site
AND SOMEONE SAID FAIR WARNING... (Van Halen Tabs)-Tons of great Van Halen tabs here
Metalman's Megadeth Tabs Page-Every Megadeth song ever played here. It's lacking most of the solos but most of the rhythms seem to be right
Metallica Links
Gospi Metallica Page-This is one great metallica page with a cool setup
Encyclopedia Metallica-Lots of info on metallica here
The Shrine Presents Metallica-Some different and rare metallica stuff here
Metallica Shrine-Another awesome Metallica site
Tribute...To Metallica-Just an average Metallica page
Metallica Master of Midis-If you're looking for Metallica midis, go here
Crow's Metallica Directory
Jaymz Unofficial Metallica Page
...And Metallica For All
Land of Sorrow
Ride the Lightning
Nothing But Metallica-The best Metallica page ever!
Sad But True
Andrew's Kick Ass Metallica Page-Just like it's name.. it's another "kick ass" Metallica page
Other Music Pages
Official Axis Homepage-An awesome progressive metal band from central Illinois's official homepage... go here to find out the most recent news on Megadeth
Panfuckingtera-One of the best Pantera pages out there
Pantera's Elektra Site
The Official Pantera Home Page
Adrian Guerra's (PantellicA's) PanterA Page
Zakk Wylde Homepage
AC/DC Powerage Page
Again!: An Alice in Chains Page
Sickman's Alice in Chains Page-One of the best AIC pages
The Alice in Chains Nutshell-Another one of the best Alice pages
Dan's Pantera Page-Great Pantera page with Dimebags guitar setup
AC/DC Italian Home Page by Abraxas
AC/DC-Bedlam in Belgium-Probably the best overall AC/DC page.. definitely the best for the tabs
Welcome To the Land of Ozzy
Is it the end my friend? (Ozzy Page)
MITCH'S OZZY OSBOURNE PAGE-This is probably the best Ozzy page I've ever seen!
Creed-A great page for the best new band out there!
VOTE WITH A BULLET-The Best C.O.C. page I've found
Lifting Shadows Off a Dream: The Official Dream Theater Homepage and Fan Network
Under a Web Room-One of the best Dream Theater pages
Anthrax [One Man Stands]-Kick ass bulletin board!
The Most Complete Pink Floyd Page
DOWN-The Unofficial Homepage
Psychoholic World of White Zombie
Piece of Me-Skid Row Homepage
Thunder From Down Under (Silverchair Page)
Slayerized (Slayer Page)-The absolute best Slayer page out there.. no doubt!
Pages that have to do with Television and Movies
NBC's Saturday Night Live Homepage
Another Saturday Night Live Page
Chris Farley-Pretty good all around Chris Farley page
The Chris Farley Tribute Page
Seinfeld Homepage
South Park-Mr. Hat's Hell Hole-An awesome South Park site.. probalby the best
Comedy Central Homepage-This is a cool place to go as well
A Simpsons Homepage-A lot of stuff on the Simpsons here
Nintendo Webpages
The Unofficial "World of Nintendo"-EVERYTHING on nintendo here
RPGamer-The Ultimate Key to RPG's
Dragon Warrior Guild-Awesome graphics!
The Dragon Quest Network
The World of Final Fantasy 3-If you liked FF3 then you must see this page
The Final Fantasy Opera House-This is a pretty creative site
Final Fantasy Forever-One of the best Final Fantasy pages
My Friend's Pages
Is This The End?-My friend Noelle's page. She's great with graphics shit.. so this page is always looking awesome
The Weldin's Homepage-My friend Jonna and her families page
Nikki's and Critter's Homepage-Another one of my friends pages
Sock Monkey's Homepage-Check this out! This dude is one hell of a guitar player.. this is his band's website
The Hellfurnace-One hell of webpage with a great Final Fantasy page
Miscellaneous Pages
Jerry's Jukebox-Midi Madness
CDNow-What can I say? The absolute best place to find/listen to most any album
LMNet:Online CD Store-Find and LISTEN to nearly every cd
Free Web Page Additions/Builders-If you have a webpage.. go here
Other Peoples Papers-Book Reports
Winfiles.Com-All kinds of good shit